Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Kidnapped By Pirates

Last night was very much like being in a movie. After finishing up at work, my co-worker and I went back to the hotel for Happy Hour. We had planned on having a couple of free drinks at the hotel bar and then heading to a Brazilian Steak House for a "Gaucho-style" dinner. This was a good plan, it, however, is not what happened.

During happy hour me met Ivan, a private pilot for a group staying at the hotel. My co-worker and him swapped war stories from being in the service and we become friends, or a least drinking companions. After happy hour we decide to try this steak house. I had looked it up on Google Maps and had a pretty good idea of where we were going. I was wrong. The streets in Atlanta do not like to cooperate and we got terribly lost. We stopped at a gas station and got directions from a cabby who told us where to go, but also recommended a restaurant that had just opened down the street.

I still wanted some "Gaucho-style" action, but I was outvoted. We ended up at a place called "Nostalgia" that had just opened. And I do mean just. We were the only customers. We had some drinks and a couple of appetizers and then the guys decided that they wanted to go to this bar down the way that the cute bartender had told them about.

So, sure enough, we're off to the bar. The word seedy doesn't quite cover this place, but we stay none the less. Ivan and my co-worker continue to trade war stories and we watch the game and have a pretty decent time. Before we leave and pretty much causing us to leave, a woman, who was apparently "working" propositioned Ivan. We decide this is not a good place to be anymore and promptly head back to the hotel. Having to work the next day it seemed like a good idea anyway.

On the way back to the hotel, we once again get lost. We finally find the hotel and as we are turning onto the street that the hotel is on, we are stopped at a red left turn light, we wait there for a minute, in our rented red Mustang convertible, and then he just decides to go through it. Right in front of a Georgia State Trooper. As I see this happening, my only thought is "We're all going to Jail". Luckily the cop decides not to pull us over, but follows us into the parking lot and then drives off. All in all quite an evening.

Tonight I am hoping to actually hit the Brazilian place and the I'm going with Barry to see Mike Doughty in concert. Expect a full review of both tomorrow. For now I'm just happy to still me in one piece and sane. Expect more tomorrow. B


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